BGE Environmental, LLC.     
                                                                  Wetland Consulting and Land Use Planning


Established in 2005, BGE LLC has provided comprehensive environmental consulting  services to commercial developers, realtors, municipalities, nonprofit organizations and private landowners.  Our services allow for project development from feasibility to approval and long range compliance under local, state and federal regulatory requirements.  BGELLC takes pride in our ability to successfully complete projects ranging from single-family residential development to large-scale multi-phased developments, completed on schedule and within budget.  Our centralized location on the Olympic Peninsula allows for immediate response to localized projects and timely access and response to more remote locations of western Washington. 

We approach each project under the philosophy of site specific conditions which are a unique challenge to regulatory compliance and environmental balance.  We engage highly qualitified professionals to assess the regulatory intent and integrate Best Available Science for timely approvals and successful project implementation and compliance.  This streamlines management approach results in a seamless design and fiscal responsibility to our clientel.

Robbyn is a highly recognized and published professional scientist throughout western Washington.

She is currently seated on the Society of Wetland Scientist Professional Certification Program Board as Secretary General/Elect.
Robbyn Myers, PWS
Wetland Biologist / Land Use Planner

Robbyn is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) with over 20 years experience conducting wetland delineations, assessment, technical studies and environmental evaluations.  Her experience includes employment with local jurisdictions for regulatory review, land use assessment, code revision and critical area compliance.  This experience provides a strong framework in understanding statuatory requirements for local, state and federal compliance.  She has completed and participated in several large-scale, regionally distinct projects in King, Pierce, Mason, Kitsap, Jefferson and Clallam County.  Accomplishments include a braod spectrum of project review, documentation and implementation to include Capital Improvement Projects, Critical Area Ordinance Code revisions, land management and resource management.  Her career includes scientific studies as a habitat biologist, regulatory review under state and local permiting agencies, grant writing, coordination and compliance for nonprofit organizations and private consulting services. 

M.S. Environmental Sciences
         Florida Institute of Technology
B.S. Biological Oceanography
        Florida Institute of Technology

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