BGE Environmental, LLC.     
                                                                  Wetland Consulting and Land Use Planning


Extreme Sports Park - Port Angeles
Clallam County

This 80 acre site consisted of long term agricultural use that was developed into a sprint boat track currently hosting races with the USSBA Racing Series. 

BGE completed a comprehensive wetland delineation for federal jurisdictional determination under U.S. Corps of Engineers and the Extreme Sports Park was constructed with avoidance to all parcel wetlands.


Stream Restoration, Mitigation & Monitoring
Stream restoration projects include the repair and/or replacement of culvert crossings.  Stream restoration projects also include the ongoing efforts for restoration of Dogfish Creek throughout the State Road WA-305 commercial corridor.



Shoreline Bulkhead Repair and Stabilization

BGE has assisted a number of single family shoreline residences in the repair and maintenance of existing bulkheads and new shoreline stabilization projects.   Projects include local, state and federal permitting and compliance actions for work within waters of the US. 

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