BGE Environmental, LLC.     
                                                                  Wetland Consulting and Land Use Planning


Feasibility & Assessments
Wetland & Stream Delineations
        Shoreline Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) Determinations
        Photo-Interpolation, Complexity Typing and Site Mapping
        Land Use & Regulatory Analysis
        Site Development & Master Planning
        Pre-application Consultation 
        Critical Area Reporting 
            Habitat Management Plans
            Mitigation Plans
        Wetland & Stream Mitigation Design
        Alternative Analysis Reporting
        Critical Area Monitoring Plans
        Site Landscape and Irrigation Design
        Raingarden Design

State & Federal Permits (JARPA)
        WA Department of Fish and Wildlife : Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA)
        WA Department of Ecology: Section 401 Water Quality Certification
        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers : Section 404 permits & Section 10 permits
        Endangered Species Act Compliance : Biological Evaluations & Assessments
        NEPA & SEPA

     Local Permitting
        Single Family Certifications
        Wetland, Stream & Shoreline Buffer Reduction Designs
        Wetland, Stream & Shoreline Exemptions, Variances,
        Reasonable Use Exceptions
        Shoreline Substantial Development Permit

Construction Management and Compliance Monitoring
        Cost Estimation, Bid Coordination and Evaluation
        Construction Observation & Monitoring
        As-Built Records
        Performance Monitoring
        Maintenance Contracts

Code Enforcement Compliance
        Impact Assessment
        Resolution Negotiations
        Regulatory Analysis
        Restoration & Mitigation Design
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